Thursday, February 26, 2009


A bunch of folks came over for pizza one night so that I could try out my new pizza stone (thanks Lauren!!). I made the usual sourdough whole wheat crust (which always seems a little dense for me, but I haven’t yet played with the recipe).

We made two pizzas, each one with different toppings on each half. The first had a slightly spicy red sauce with mushrooms, olives, onions, spinach, and fresh mozzarella on one half and red sauce, onions, spinach, mozzarella and parmesan cheese on the other.The second had an olive oil and garlic “sauce”, shallots, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, garlic, parmesan and blue cheese on one half and the same on the other side with the addition of spinach and olives.

Both pizzas were delicious! But I discovered a little late in the process that I needed something to function as a pizza peel to get the pizzas in and out of the oven. I ended up using an upside down cutting board, which worked okay. My friend Candace (who is an amazing cook) has had success using just a piece of cardboard, so I may try that next time. The pizza stone definitely made the crusts crispier and kept the oven hotter. I’m excited about using it more in the future.

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