Saturday, July 31, 2010


My housemate brought back a bunch of cucumbers from a friend's garden so I decided to try to make pickles! I'm trying to do it via natural fermentation (lactic acid based) in a brine solution rather than canning them with vinegar. We'll see how it goes.
I used about 4.5 lbs of cucumbers, a bunch of fresh dill, black peppercorns, garlic, kosher salt, and some sliced jalapenos in one jar. So there's one jar of regular pickle slices, one jar of hot/spicy slices, and one jar of slightly spicy pickle spears.

It's been pretty warm and humid so I'm keeping the jars in a foam cooler with ice packs to try to keep the temp under 70 degrees (above that isn't good for fermentation). I can't find my food thermometer because all my kitchen equipment is packed up, so it's mostly guess work. I'm hoping the intense cold spots aren't a problem. I'm going to rotate everything around and swap freezer packs. Fingers crossed they come out tasting good!


Amy said...

Good luck with the pickles. Dad tried to do some in a big crock a few years ago, but it didn't work so well. I don't think he used pickling cucumbers, which may have been part of the problem. Hopefully you will have better results.

Lauren said...

i had some of candace's the other day and her's were delicious! hope yours turn out. of course you're doing it the more complicated way. when will they be ready? are you driving to pittsburgh? can you bring homemade pickles or will that be too soon?

Lauren said...

ps - i can't wait to see you!!!!!