Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Beers of (insert holiday here)

While I'm visiting my folks in Columbus, Ohio, I thought I'd make the most of the change of location and try as many local beers as I could. Ohio however, isn't exactly known as the beer capital of the midwest, so I've expanded my parameter to include beers that I haven't seen around Massachusetts.

I started with Thirsty Dog Brewing Company's Old Leghumper. I bought a six-pack for $9 to drink at my sister's Christmas Movie Costume Party this weekend (pictures of this sure to follow).

The Old Leghumper was a little light for a "robust porter", lightly carbonated with very little head that dissipated quickly after pouring. A lot of roasted malt and chocolate aromas, slightly sweet smelling but not too sweet tasting, which was nice (I don't really like sweet beers), not much on the hops front. It was a very drinkable beer; I had most of the 6-pack over the course of the evening, which at 5.70% ABV wasn't difficult to do. I drank one from the bottle, which accented the bitter chocolate and gave it a slightly metallic, bitter taste (possibly just from the cap residue). Overall a good beer but not super impressionable.

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